Something about El Mirador

Posted on April 1, 2009


The Mirador Basin is as critical to Guatemala in the 21st century as the ancient cities of Nakbe, El Mirador, Wakna, Tintal, Xulnal, Paixban, and Naachtun were in the Maya world.  As the only surviving rain forest area is protected and archaeological sites developed, the basin will be a magnet for academic research, education, conservation, and economic opportunities for surrounding communities.  The development of the needed domestic infrastructure to service the requirements of both academic interests and international tourism will provide Guatemala with an economic self-sustaining annuity.

Dr. Richard Hansen and the Mirador Basin Project (formerly known as the Regional Archaeological Investigation of the Northern Petén, Guatemala) continue to work in the basin in close collaboration with the government of Guatemala.  This team has the capability and vision to make the Mirador Basin a reality for world-class tourism benefits.

Guatemala is twice blessed.  Its historical and cultural heritage is rooted in one of the greatest civilizations on the planet.  The diverse physical resources include an area of virgin rainforest.  Guatemala now stands at a crossroad.  We must actively seek to help protect, preserve, and develop these great resources, because they are irreplaceable.

The Department of Petén is unique.  Archaeological investigations have just scratched the surface.  The greatest discoveries are yet to be made.  Eco-tourism and community education will allow Guatemala to share its many resources and its heritage with the world.

The Mirador Basin preserve is a path to greater scientific and environmental progress, economic growth, and international prestige.

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