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Our Community Commitment

As a tour business committed to sustainable operations, FOUR DIRECTIONS has been supporting a Maya Cackchiquel village called Xetonox.


Like with most  Maya villages,  people at Xetonox make a living through agriculture in small plots of land.   They grow potatoes and strawberrys to sell as cash crop and grow corn, the staple food that for the Maya People.  Planting, growing, harvesting and eating corn has a spiritual significance that goes beyond nutrition.   Agriculture is predominantly men’s job.


Women, mothers in their early teens, stay at home taking care of the kids and home chores, help with the family income by weaving and raising chicken or pigs.   To find market to their textile products, the Xetonox village women are participants of a fair-trade organization called MayaWorks – www.mayaworks.org


Four Directions’ Maya Culture Tours visit Xetonox when traveling between Guatemala City or Antigua and Lake Atitlan.   They welcome the tourists and open for them their homes and hearts sharing their way of living.   Lunch is served for the visitors at one of the women´s home and they may also buy some handicrafts directly from the hands that crafted them.    Four Directions’ clients make a contribution to the local economy.


The village elementary school is also visited.  Like in most Guatemala rural areas schools, they have to deal with a higher demand than what they can cope with, and  they are always with lack of school supplies.  Four Directions’ clients are encouraged to bring school supplies, either by packing them from home or buy stopping with their guide at a store on the way there.   Everything is welcomed.   Everything is received with gratitude.


Join us in the project:


Certified in compliance with GREAT Green Deal requirements on sustainable tourism Silver Level

FOUR DIRECTIONS has obtained a Silver Degree Certification in Sustainable Tourism, issued by GREAT Green Deal.

FOUR DIRECTIONS is a Tour Operator and Destination Management Company -DMC- with operations in Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. This year, the company undertook the challenge to certify its sustainable tourism practices and accomplished such endeavor with the Silver degree distinction. The GREAT Green Deal certificate number is CCGGD002-101-10, expiration date Sept. 16th, 2011.